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Simply put, I am a fun-loving Cyber Security Architect who enjoys: Motorcycling; Hiking; Golfing; Sailing; Drinking Fine Wine/Beer; Eating Gourmet Food, HAM’ing, and sparring other TKD Black Belts

Rising Ransomware Attacks Target Healthcare Institutions: Lessons in Strengthening Digital Infrastructure

In recent news, the healthcare sector has grappled with an alarming surge in ransomware attacks, underscoring the critical need for fortified digital infrastructure. Managing 16 hospitals and 165 clinics, Prospect Medical Holdings faced a ransomware attack that forced...

Harmonizing Waves: The Multidimensional World of Amateur Radio

Amateur radio, often referred to as "ham radio," is a unique and multifaceted hobby combining technology, communication, community, and even a bit of magic in radio wave propagation. Here are some reasons why the craft of amateur radio is unique: Global Communication:...

Embracing Timelessness: The Enduring Allure of the 2001 Honda Valkyrie

In the world of motorcycles, specific models manage to transcend eras, capturing the hearts of enthusiasts across generations. Among these legendary rides, the 2001 Honda Valkyrie stands tall, a testament to engineering brilliance and an embodiment of timelessness....

From Human Vulnerability to First-Line Defenders

As businesses delve further into the digital realm, fueled by data and technology, the stakes in cybersecurity and data privacy intensify. Despite sophisticated AI and cybersecurity measures, the overlooked human factor remains a prime vulnerability. The increasing...

The Evolving Landscape of Cybersecurity Threats in 2023

Introduction: In the fast-paced digital age, cybersecurity remains a constant battle against evolving threats and cunning attackers. The year 2023 has brought to light numerous incidents that have left organizations and individuals grappling with the aftermath of...

Twenty Years in Personal Reflection

It has been twenty years since our enemies silenced those voices. We remember the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and or friends who went to work that day by random chance or divine fate, only to be destroyed. No amount of sadness, tears, war, and or fighting can...

The Dash

One considers one's life when a close loved one passes. It is this that I write about now. My father recently passed away, and I am reflecting on his life and comparing it to mine. I realize that the simple Dash represents so much between the birth and death years. It...

The Transformative Effects of Becoming a Taekwondo Second Dan Practitioner

The journey of mastering martial arts, particularly Taekwondo, is continuous and enduring. With every new belt level, a practitioner not only masters new techniques but also embarks on a more profound voyage of self-discovery and personal transformation. Among the...

Information Security

As a CISO for over six years, I have excelled in aligning security organizations with business needs and translating technical information into business terms. A unique mix of technical expertise and business acumen enables me to communicate across all organizational levels. I am committed to enhancing security through threat anticipation, proactive measures, and teamwork; the goal is to create an award-winning security program that attracts top talent, provide exceptional security, and is remembered as a career milestone by team members. My passion is for supporting organizations in the evolving digital landscape. I am a dynamic and results-driven executive, and I am poised to elevate your organization’s security posture.





I have worked across North American and Europe during my career.


Goliath Security Group, Longo CyberTech, BetMGM, Resorts Casino Hotel, Symantec, BlueCoat, Qualys, McAfee, Intel, Mobil Oil, Exxon Mobil, Morse Diesel (AMEC), Consortium Networks, and Edmunds & Associates.

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Federal, tribal, state, and local agencies, financial services, entertainment, real estate, energy, transportation, health care, petrochemical, gaming, retail, manufacturing, education, hospitality, insurance, legal, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications

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Financial, Entertainment, Hospitality, DoD, Retail, Tech Services

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